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All over. Crusaders 3 Ballymena Utd 0
90=1'' Paul Heatley goes close
2 mins added time
85' Appeals for a Crusaders penalty turned down
83' GOAL!!!! Jordan Forsythe heads home from Ross Clarke corner. Crusaders 3 Ballymena United 0
83' Jude Winchester shot cleared for a corner
82' Paul Heatleys goalbound shot comes off Jordan Forsythe
79' Philip Lowrys header goes wide
78' Paul Heatley hits the post
75' Johnny Tuffey totally miss reads cross but Conor Keeleys header deflected for a corner
74' Paul Heatley cross goes to Sean O'Neill
69' Paul Heatley just can't get an angle to try and chip Sean O'Neill
66' Philip Lowry shot goes inches wide
64' United clear Crusaders attack
64' Johnny Tuffey drops the cross but chases the ball and forces the shot to go well over
62' Jarlath O'Rourke free kick cleared
60' Yet another save by Sean O'Neill
59' Jude Winchester shot goes wide
57' free kick goes straight out
56' Ballymena United free kick 19 yards out
55' Sean O'Neill just gets to the ball ahead of Paul Heatley
54' Jude Winchester doesn't catch his volley right and Sean O'Neill is not troubled
53' Crusaders free kick 35 yards out
50' Ross Clarke cross goes out
2nd half underway
Half Time. Crusaders 2 Ballymena United 0
2 mins added time
45' Ross Clarke cross cut out
43' Sean O'Neill saves from Adam Lecky
43' United clear yet again
40' Super save by Sean O'Neill from Jarlath O'Rourke
33' GOAL!!! Jarlath O'Rourke scores after a great knock down from Adam Lecky. Crusaders 2 Ballymena Utd 0
29' GOAL!! Philip Lowry scores from 6 yards out after it was laid on a plate for him. Crusaders 1 Ballymena Utd 0
26' Philip Lowrys turn to shoot over after another good build up
24' Super build up play by Crusaders but Ross Clarke blasts over
22' Ross Clarke header just to strong for Adam Lecky to catch
21' United defence clear again
20' Paul Heatley has ball taken off his toe as he goes to shoot
15' Daniel Larmour guides his header wide from the corner
14' Philip Lowry follow up blocked and goes for a corner
13' Good save by Sean O'Neill from Paul Heatley and saved again from Jordan Forsythe
7' Good save by Sean O'Neill and it's cleared
7' Crusaders corner
2' United player pushed in the box and they get free kick
2' Crusaders threaten again and get a corner
1' Paul Heatleys heavy touch from free kick goes out for a goal kick
1' Early Crusaders free kick
Crusaders v Ballymena Utd. Away we go
All over. Crusaders 2 Linfield 1
90+13' Linfield free kick cleared
90+13' Linfield clear Crusaders attack
90+12' Linfield corner cleared by Philip Lowry
5 mins added time
86' Corner cleared
85' Paul Heatley shot deflected for a corner
84' Crusaders go close again but ball just played behind Ross Clarke
83' GOAL!!!!! Jordan Forsythe strokes home after good cross from Billy Joe Burns. Crusaders 2 Linfield 1
81' Paul Heatley curler does not trouble Chris Johns
79' Johnny Tuffey saves Jimmy Callaghers header and follow up goes over
79' Linfield corner
78' Jordan Forsythes header goes wide and Linfield clear
78' Crusaders corner
77' Linfield deal with Crusaders pressure again
75' Game resumes after a lengthy delay for a clash of heads. Everybody ok
68' Jude Winchester falls tamely to Chris Johns
61' Jude Winchester shoots over
60' Paul Heatleys shot cleared
60' Crusaders corner
64' Linfield eventually clear
63' Daniel Larmour hits the side netting from tight angle
62' Daniel Finlayson does well against Paul Heatley
59' GOAL!!!! Philip Lowry pokes the ball home in a crowded 6 yard box and it is Crusaders 1 Linfield 1
59' Crusaders counter and get a corner
58' Josh Robinson fails to clear and Johnny Tuffey smothers the ball
55' Paul Heatley crowded out as he goes to shoot
58' Adam Lecky header cleared by Jimmy Callagher after Chris Johns drops the ball
52' Jimmy Callagher clears Crusaders free kick and follow up cleared for a corner
47' Joel Cooper scores from 6 yards unchallenged. Crusaders 0 Linfield 1
2nd half underway
Half Time. Crusaders 0 Linfield 0
45+1' Linfield can't finish chance from a good position
2 mins added time.
45' Roscoe-Bryne it the right place to clear Billy Joe Burns cross out
43' Chris Shields cuts Philip Lowry pass out
42' Paul Heatley and Chris Hegarty combine to clear
40' Nice bit of pressure from Crusaders but ball finally goes out
38' Philip Lowry clears corner
38' Johnny Tuffey saves Roscoe-Brynes header and it's cleared for a corner
35' Good defending by Chris Hegarty again
36' Philip Lowry clears
34' Goes for another corner
33' Linfield corner
32' Jude Winchester cross charged down and Chris Johns collects
27' Good save by Johnny Tuffey from Robbie McDaid
27' Jordan Forsythe miss places his pass but Linfield player falls over
22' Jude Winchester goes wide
20' Paul Heatley fouls as cross comes in
17' Ross Clarke does well again
14' Daniel Finlayson heads wide from the corner
13' Good defending by Daniel Larmour
13' Linfield in on goal but offside
12' Good work by Ross Clarke but his cross is cut out
9' Super tackle by Ross Clarke
7' Robbie McDaid shot easily saved by Johnny Tuffey
4' Linfield corner cleared
3' Adam Lecky long attempt at goal doesn't come off
2' Paul Heatley has another half chance but penalised
1' Early chance for Paul Heatley but his shot goes over
Away we go. Crusaders v Linfield in the Danske Bank Premiership. C'mon the Crues
All over. Dundela 2 Crusaders 1
45+2' Great stop by Johnny Tuffey
90' Jordan Owens heads wide
89' Paul Heatley nips in but his shot goes wide
84' Crusaders go straight up the pitch and pull a goal back with a goal from Jarlath O'Rourke. Dundela 2 Crusaders 1
83' Eamon Fyfe runs in on goal and shoots past Johnny Tuffey to make it Dundela 2 Crusaders 0
81' Neil Shields saves from Mccauley Snelgrove
80' Neil.Shields collects as Jordan Owems closes in
77' Ross Clarke shot goes over
77' Good defending by Josh Robinson
70' Dundela get it away again
69' Dundela scramble ball away twice
66' Crusaders double sub. Jordan Owens replaces Adam Lecky and Mccauley Snelgrove replaces Jude Winchester
59' Ross Clarke cross cut out
55' Free kick and follow up blocked
55' Crusaders free kick 2y5 yards out
53' Dundela clear
52' Anotherbsuper save by Neil Shields this time from Billy Joe Burns
50' Robbie Weir shot blocked
49' Neil Shields punches clear
48' Paul Heatley earns a corner
2nd half underway
Half time. Dundela 1 Crusaders 0
43' Nothing from it
43' Crusaders free kick
41' Neil Shields saves Adam Leckys header
35' Benny Igiehon puts the ball across Johnny Tuffey and into the net. Dundela 1Crusaders 0
34' What a save by Neil Shiields to deny Jarlath O'Rourke
28' Good block to deny Jude Winchester
22' Jarlath O'Rourke goes close
21" Johnny Tuffey makes a good save after his miss kick sets the shot up
18' Quiet few minutes after frantic start
13' Johnny McMurray just fails to connect and score
11' Corner cleared
10' Good save by Neil Shields from Jude Winchester. Corner
8' Corner eventually goes for a goal kick
8' Dundela corner
6' Adam Lecky clears for a corner
3' Good defending by Lewis Barr
1' Decent early Crusaders effort
Away we go. Dundela v Crusaders
A superbly observed minutes silence ahead of kick off in memory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II